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Transactional Survey Programs

We offer tailored transactional surveys that allow businesses to measure customer satisfaction immediately following an interaction with your customer service team.  Our surveys capture feedback on the entire customer service experience, including agent performance and process effectiveness. We collaborate with clients to select the best timing for the survey, aligning it with fulfillment or follow-up if possible.

Our transactional surveys reveal process strengths and weaknesses, pinpointing areas for real-time improvements. With our expertise, clients are able to enhance the overall customer experience and foster stronger customer relationships. Transactional surveys allow clients to: 

  • Capture immediate post-interaction feedback 

  • Gauge customer satisfaction during specific service interactions 

  • Focus on agent performance, process effectiveness, and timeliness 

  • Identify real-time improvement opportunities in the service process 

  • Improve overall customer experiences and build stronger relationships 

Businesses & Industries That Can Benefit From Transactional Surveys

The Center for Client Retention provides tailored customer service survey services for a variety of companies, asking the best questions so you can unlock critical insights about your customer base. A great customer satisfaction survey can give you the feedback you need to retain customers and grow your business. 

A few businesses and industries that may benefit from an insightful call center customer satisfaction survey include: 

  • Retail: A great call center satisfaction survey can help retail companies track their progress and success. For example, customer service surveys can track experience and engagement to ensure your service performance and product offerings are meeting their needs. 

  • Hospitality: Providing customer service satisfaction surveys can help gauge your customer’s perceptions and opinions, and track their nominal behavior. Making adjustments based on the feedback you receive builds brand loyalty and increases your chances of gaining a referral. 

  • Food Services: Creating a customer service survey with in-depth questions can be the best way to track your food company’s success. Transactional surveys can highlight customer pain points such as food quality, service, and others so you can re-strategize.

  • Healthcare: Providers can also benefit from transactional surveys by receiving immediate patient feedback immediately, which can improve their care and the overall patient experience. 

  • Banking: Transactional surveys can help you identify where banks are falling short, especially when implementing new processes or online platforms. 

  • E-Commerce: Utilize transactional surveys to understand your customers’ shopping experience, from products offered to ease of navigation and everything in between. 


With a personalized approach and endless customization options, we can help you execute a call center survey that provides the precise information you need. Uniquely tailored customer service satisfaction surveys give you the chance to control your business outcomes. Necessary for businesses in the restaurant, retail, and hospitality sectors, these customer service surveys are invaluable to the growth of your companies. 

Customer Support Representative

Success Stories

“Maybe the biggest surprise has been the reaction of our Call Center staff. CSR’s, upon seeing the results presentation are now “on the hunt’ for improvement all on their own! I never expected this to provide a boost to morale, but that has been a great side-benefit.”

Best Types of Questions To Include in a Transactional Survey

When crafting a customer service survey, it’s important to ask the right questions immediately after service to ensure that it’s the most effective. The quality of information you receive and the value of the transactional survey is directly related to the questions you ask and when you ask them. The most effective call center customer satisfaction surveys typically use a variety questions to capture honest and insightful responses. 

Questions that gauge a customer’s overall satisfaction with their experience are a great way to start a call center satisfaction survey. Starting with these questions sets the tone for the rest of the survey. Then, you can ask more targeted questions about your products and services to help you identify pain points and areas of improvement. By utilizing an open-ended format, you can capture in-depth insights to help drive you toward meeting your objectives. 

Depending on your industry, some companies may benefit from asking questions regarding service speed and employee engagement. These questions can help you look at your processes objectively and implement any necessary employee training or protocol for improvement. Finally, wrap up the call center customer satisfaction survey with questions regarding likelihood to recommend to a friend or colleague, and likelihood to becoming a repeat customer. 

By using these types of questions and others that are specifically tailored to your business objectives, you can get the most insight from every call center satisfaction survey. By fine-tuning your customer service survey, you can create a more effective way to track your customers’ satisfaction. The best call center customer service survey paired with survey analysis can break down your needs more effectively.

Insights That Can Be Gained From Customer Service Surveys

The best call center surveys provide quick feedback that gauges your customers’ experience and provides insights into their engagement. A prompt response time ensures that you can improve your performance or service and increases your customers’ perception and opinion of your behavior, including your willingness for interaction. Insights that you can gauge from open-ended questions include:

  • Your customer base, including those people who are most engaged with you

  • Customer expectations for your retail products and services

  • The target market that you might be missing with your services

  • The return on investment or ROI of your customer service

  • Difficult product areas that you might not have expected

  • Risks that you weren’t even aware of were an issue

  • Employee performance maintenance needs

How Often Should You Send Transactional Surveys?

The nominal, best-practice schedule for sending out your best transactional surveys is once or twice a year. Sending out a call center survey more often than that tends to overwhelm companies. Instead, fine-tune one or two call center customer satisfaction survey designs for your customers' needs.

Contact Us Today

Don’t hesitate to contact us at The Center for Client Retention if you need a customer service survey with the best questions possible. Our transactional survey approach can provide you with the feedback and insight you need to improve your customers' interaction, perception, opinion, and behavior. Reach your business objectives with our open-ended customer service surveys! Contact us today to learn more. 

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